Hello, I’m Kat, also known as Mattie. This blog was started as a means for me to rant a little bit, rave a little, and in general post about things that have caught my attention, both online and in the ‘real world’.

It has since evolved into a blog about business, writing, networking, and design. There may be tidbits of other things thrown into the mix too. It’s always good to shake up the recipe once in a while.

Pull up a bit of carpet and sit a spell while I ramble on…

Interested in my other sites or blogs? Here ya go:

Yellow Rose Designs – The primary site attached to this blog, YellowRoseDesigns.net is your source for all your print, stationery, promotional and business gift needs. You can either choose one of our existing designs or Contact Me to add your logo or personal design on 100s of products. And unlike other promotional companies, there is NO MINIMUM for most items! Order as many or as few as you need and save storage space!

FanGirlGuide.com – I created this niche site for all of the shows,  movies and networks that I love to talk about. It’s also a one-stop shopping site for Official show merchandise. The site is still under major construction at the moment.

Rock Salt Journals – I co-own this site with 2 other friends. We created it as a site dedicated to the TV show Supernatural and it has evolved into a site and forum with discussions ranging from books to movies to a virtual bar and lounge for members to relax and chat with each other.

Supernatural Road Trip – A spin-off site from Rock Salt Journals, the Supernatural Road Trip site came about when several members of our forum came up with the idea to start a virtual “road trip” for stories of the supernatural (lower case “s”) and local urban legends. (As of now, the site is under construction and the Road Trip forum is soon to be merged with the Rock Salt Journals forum while we do some site housecleaning.)

Trek to Texas – For anyone interested in genealogy or Texas history, TrektoTexas.com provides an exciting insight into the early settlers of Tarrant County.

Yellow Rose Gallery – YellowRoseGallery.com is the site for my handmade precious metal and costume jewelry, stained glass, and other handmade items. You will also see a cross-over from YellowRoseDesigns.net for custom-designed printed gift items that I carry IN STOCK.

YellowRoseGifts.com – A site dedicated to Wedding and Special Occasion invitations, accessories and gifts. As a former bridal consultant, YellowRoseGifts.com allows me to share that knowledge while bringing beautiful, original and unique invitations, stationery and special gifts all into one easy location. I also have the great opportunity to partner with a local Dallas/Fort Worth catering and floral design company, Tastefully Unique Catering & Event Planning, to give North Texas brides a single place to take care of all their wedding needs.

Yellow Rose Web Design Site and Technical Blog – As a professional web developer since 1993, I’ve had many requests for help from others in designing and setting up both websites and Facebook tabs for businesses. In 2010, I restarted my web design business to fulfill that missing gap of personalized service from an experienced web design company.

Yellow Rose Gallery & Designs on Facebook – My Facebook page, where you can keep up with all my sites, updates and activity all in one place.

Is there more?
Absolutely! Other sites and a personal development blog coming soon!

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